My development tools and environment

Firstly I use the Eclipse as my master tool and fall in love with it,
anyhow at the moment, I seems to be divided to the NetBeans.

Currently I use the NetBeans 6.7.1 as my primary tool. Eclipse still online
as a Galileo, for system integration and compatible testing. Please note
there are many IDEs for ensuring testing, including with commercial IDEs.

My prefer Application Servers are based on 2 favorite open sources as
Glassfish (Version 2.1 and 3) and Apache Tomcat (Version 5.5 and 6.0).

The database, I also give the importance to the the open source as the
Apache Derby and MySQL. Please note, The SQuirreL SQL Client is only tool
for exploring the database.

The middle-ware is also an open sources as well. For achieving the
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is prefer the OpenESB, The security
middle-ware is OpenSSO which use the OpenDS as a user store.

For the web service development, I always use 2 tools together, the Apache
and the Metro.

Even my projects are developed and tested on my laptop machine which is
pre-installed as a Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, I always deploy my
project to the dedicated server which is a SentOS environment as well.

As you have seen above, I focus on the open source software with purpose
to ensure that everyone can start and follow without any costing. The open
source software always challenge me on the production environment
as well. It give me an energy boost up for supporting. It’s very exciting.

Mainly I focus on the new technology, the JavaEE 6 and SOA, but I cannot
deny the backward compatibility for my previous production. You will see
I always give the attention to the system integration among many versions
of the application servers and tools.

Not only open source software, but also the commercial software which I
focus, including with Application Server, Database and middle-ware.
I hope I may have a chance for sharing about them.


About Charlee Chitsuk

I've been working as a software developer since 1998. At the moment I focus on system integration including with SOA and Enterprise Security Solution.

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