The Bottom-up approach: From the database through the presentation

I’ve decided the road map for my journey from my opinion, by traveling from the back-end as a database storage through the front-end, the presentation. I love this approach while I’m in the development phase. It ensure the basement is strong enough before moving to the top as same as the building construction. The decoration should come last.

I understand this approach may not meet the real world implementation. Since the front-end, especially look&feel may be the most important for the impression and satisfaction at the first look. People always rush to see what I make for them instead of focusing what their business want.

The middle-out approach is used often to meet both of the strong base development and the people impression and satisfaction. The strong and flexible interfaces between back-end and front-end is the very first item. Then the front-end and back-end can be done simultaneously with the highest respect to that interfaces. We will meet at that line is my often word for reminding myself.

During the developing, the changing must be occurred for sure. The whole system will be effected only the interfaces, I mean only on the integration part. As long as the look&feel is nice and the system can serves their business requirement, it is enough to achieve that project.

I thought, before I can do the middle-out, the bottom-up must be understood first. I need to see the big picture from end-to-end before I make any applying.

The road map overview

The persistence

It will be implemented by using the JPA

The business processing

It will be implemented by using the EJB, especially focusing to the integration via the interfaces such as web services(SOAP/RESTful). Both of synchronous and asynchronous integration will be focused. I’m thinking of the messaging approach, the JMS and/or email

The presentation

It will be implemented by using the newly Java Server Face (JSF) 2.x

Firstly I will focus on the JavaEE standard component. If it is success I will move further to the non-standard, the third party tool, for better implementation. (I also hope it is better) I will make a little 2 projects by following this approach and looking forward to integrating them via the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach and tools.


About Charlee Chitsuk

I've been working as a software developer since 1998. At the moment I focus on system integration including with SOA and Enterprise Security Solution.

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