Hi, all

Thank you for checking my profiles. My name is Charlee, male, from Bangkok, Thailand. I have worked as a software developer since 1998. I was started with the client/server (2 tiers) technology. As the time goes by, I am in the N-tier world. I always use the Java/JavaEE platform. My main target is the system integration by using the SOA, together with the Enterprise Security Solution, e.g. The Single Sign-On, 2 /Multi-Factors Authentication.

I’m interested in Collaborative Application Lifecycle management (C/ALM) for improving my software development processes, increasing my productivity and quality. I am a biggest fan of the Open Source Software and always prefer them for achieving this target.

I’ve tried to collect my experience and lesson learn by publishing them at this blog. I also hope it may be useful and you may enjoy it.


Charlee Ch.

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