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Some of my post is private or password protected

Some of my post may be private for personal reason. If you would like to read them please send  me the email. I hope I may give you the accessing. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I’m a new blogger.

I decide to be a blogger since I prefer the “documentation” instead of the
“Recalling” form the “Brain”. Even someone may trust their “Brain” and thought
they are “Forever Young”.

I know the time goes by. I’m not immortal.

The main focus for this blog is keeping my experience as a document and hope
it may be useful for other people. Mostly they are from my learning and trying
by taking action from reading many books and many web sites. My mistake is
included with purpose to share as a lesson learnt. Not only my working
experience, but also my story too.

Firstly, I reluctant to write in English, since it is my second language.
Please note, I’m Thai. Finally I decide to use the English. It is nice starting
to improve my English. Internet is one of the best place for practicing.

I hope you will enjoy reading my bolg. I will try my best to update oftenly.
If you have any suggestion or comment, please do not hesitate to reply.
Any replying is highly appreciated.

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